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Meet the EYP team

We have an amazing group of volunteers that work so hard to make Explore Your Passion 

what it is today. Thank you so much for your help! To see more information about each volunteer tap on their picture.


Anika Gupta
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Hi my name is Anika and I am a Junior at WWP High School North. I love cooking and realized the need for children to learn it and that's how Explore Your Passion started! I can't wait to

see how far this goes and I hope this can make

a good impact to society.

Arts & Crafts

Me - Maasrith Amara_edited.jpg
Maasrith Amara
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Arts & Crafts

Hi I'm Maasrith, the Arts and Crafts teacher! I like making Origami, Painting, and Quilling. Can't wait to get to know you guys!

IMG_5551 - Niki Anand.jpg
Niki Anand
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Shading Art

Hi, my name is Niki, I love to draw and have been drawing since I was a child, and because of that I want to share my joy with others. I also love to swim and read in my free time and in the future, I hope to pursue something in law! 

87F1C217-FF0A-49BD-BEA6-66C0AEB7525E - Jady Zhao.jpeg
Jadey Zhao
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Comic  Drawing

My name is Jadey, a rising junior at High School North.I enjoy drawing, digitally especially. That also branches out to creating comics and and a bit of animation. On top of that I also enjoy reading and creating stories which I do with my comics.

77CFBB60-7EE7-493A-A3FD-79EB4C5C6F2C - Rawan Mahmoud.jpeg
Rawan Abdin
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Hi! I am Rawan and i like learning and trying new things. I love anything that has to do with art. I love playing volleyball and soccer and I also enjoy learning new languages. :) 

Screenshot_20210721-184623_Photos - Vivien Huang_edited.jpg
Vivien Huang
  • Instagram

Sculpting clay mini figures

Hi there! My name is a Vivien. I like all sorts of different art forms, including playing piano, singing, sculpting and painting.

Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 7.41.27 PM - Gracelynn Lu.png
Gracelynn Lu
  • Instagram

Comic  Drawing

My name is Gracelynn, a rising junior at High School North. I play the cello and love art, fashion, and anime. I plan to pursue one of these passions in the future, and through this organization, I hope to help others find and enjoy theirs.

Design & Technology

CA290AB9-2B99-42DE-8E04-2110C09B9A99 - Noor A.jpeg
Noor Abdelhamid 
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Video Editing

My name is Noor Abdelhamid and my passion is teaching, as becoming a teacher has been my dream job for years. Along with teaching, I enjoy video editing, cooking, listening to music, and playing video games.

2A77D629-9C53-4A94-97FE-EBB5A8F3722B - Ashwath Dandemraju.jpeg
Aswath Dandemraju
  • Instagram

Video Editing

Hello, my name is Ashwath and I am currently a junior in high school. Over the years, I have developed a passion for video editing and digital media which are some of the topics I taught in the last tutoring session. This specific hobby ties into my love for watching movies and TV shows as well!

Nirni - Interior Design.jpg
Nirni Reddy
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Interior Design

My name is Nirni Komitireddy. I teach the interior design class. I enjoy reading and swimming. I plan on majoring on in marketing in the future. 

D09F8240-1B27-4CB8-87F2-F6BC7EE12978 - Rishi Mantri.jpeg
Rishi Mantri
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3D - Modeling

I’m a rising high school junior at Ardrey Kell High School. My hobbies include soccer and robotics. I keenly follow every aspect of the sport. Simultaneously, I am fond of tracking the developments in robotics, and am part of a community robotics team.  In the future, I would like to work as a robotics engineer or a robotics scientist.

D0819653-58C4-4BDA-AC3F-EC89878A0F93 - Mishal Khan.jpeg
Mishal Khan
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Design & Engineering

My name is Mishal and I'm a senior at high school north. Some of my hobbies are coding, skating, and reading. Having worked at my mom's preschool and living with an 8-year old brother, working with children is something I really enjoy. 

Jonathan - Jonathan Huang.jpg
Jonathon Huang
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Video Production

My name is Jonathan Huang. I row crew, I like to bike, I like to edit videos, play video games and listen to video game music, watch YouTube/Anime, and play piano. I enjoying tutoring/teaching and may pursue a career in political science or economics.

white background pic of me [upper half].jpg
Arushi Gupta
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Hi, my name is Arushi! I am a rising Junior at WWP HSN. I love coding, flutter app development and leading others through my program explore your passion! I have a passion to learn and explore new things and within the world of coding, I am always working to innovate and create something that can help people around me.

Music & Dance

555C5CEB-77BE-4D8B-A533-F023DEF2B28F - Raiya Shah.jpeg
Raiya Shah
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Bolly-Hop Dancing

Hello, my name is Raiya Shah and I am a bollyhop teacher at explore your passion. I love to dance, swim, and rowing and I love singing and creative things like drawing and painting. I am so glad to be a part of the explore your passion team. 

C99AF664-75AD-4A4D-A43B-AB7044EA44FF - Sneha Tripathy.jpeg
Sneha Tripathy
  • Instagram

Music Production

My name is Sneha Tripathy and I’m a rising junior at high school north. I am a passionate singer and have been learning Hindustani Classical music for over 8 years. In my free time, I enjoy writing, listening to music and watching sports with my family. 

Isha Photo - Isha Patel.png
Isha Patel
  • Instagram

Bollywood Dancing

Hi! My name is Isha Patel and I'm currently an 11th grader! I love drawing, painting, and dancing recreationally. When I have free time I like reading and going out for a run.

Computer Science

IMG_1810 - Sarah Usman.jpg
Sarah Usman
  • Instagram

Java Programming

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I am an incoming junior in high school. For the past few weeks, I have been teaching Introduction to Java. I love ice cream, and often, in my free time, you can see me enjoying a scoop of Wendy's mocha chunk ice cream while re-reading a particularly captivating Agatha Christie novel.

Ranit - Python.jpeg
Ranit Roy
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Python Programming

My name is Ranit Roy, I am in 11th grade and some of my hobbies include playing basketball, playing video games, and coding. I hope to become a computer scientist one day.

0W3A9505 - Vedang Bacharwar.JPG
Vedang Bacharwar
  • Instagram

Python Programming

Hi i'm Vedang. my hobbies are sports and video games, in the future I would like to assist in aiding people by becoming a surgeon 


96E13172-AC5A-48B5-9572-7F672205FF73 - Tanush Nagavelli.jpeg
Tanush Nagavelli
  • Instagram


Hi I’m Tanush! I’m a senior at Monroe Township High School and I plan to be a neurosurgical anesthesiologist in the future. Some of my passions are guitar, astronomy, and neuroscience. 

5605C476-2C44-47C9-A56A-90E1C97FBB08 - Jihong Jung.jpeg
Jihong Jung
  • Instagram

Science Experiments

Hi, my name is Jihong and I am a junior at WWP High school North. I am going to be teaching science experiment class. Children will get to try various science experiments which will allow them to explore their passions of science. 

C87D7115-5795-46FB-85EF-7CA6D126E836 - Vinesh.jpeg
Vinesh Nagavelli
  • Instagram

Science Experiments

Hello Everyone, my name is Vinesh Nagavelli and I am a Freshman in High School. Some hobbies of mine include singing and playing guitar. I am aiming to go into the Computer Science field in the future.

English & Languages

E5460C86-7A3F-4D1C-A9F5-2947923BBC53 - Lana Elsehemi.jpeg
Lana Elsehemi
  • Instagram

Creative Writing

Hi! My name is Lana, I enjoy writing and playing basketball, however I would like to either become an English professor in college or a professional writer. 

IMG-20210108-WA0011 - Tvishi Agrawal.jpg
Tvishi Agrawal
  • Instagram


Hello, my name is Tvishi Agrawal and I have tutored French to a class of children representing the wonderful explore your passion team. I love to engage in artistic activities, especially sketching. I love playing the piano and I also enjoy taking part in debating opportunities. I am an enthusiast in the subjects chemistry and biology and I aim to pursue a future career in medicine.

B3121351-FF0F-4776-AA5B-8AD4C3538FCC - Tani Blueberry.jpeg
Tanika Mally
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Hi, my name is Tanika! I love to read and write, swim, and travel around the world! One day, I hope to become an author, and own a vintage, mint green car!

371168D4-426A-4A5B-A66B-24D6D3396239 - nivedha sriramji.jpeg
Nivedha Sriramji
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Story Telling

Hey I’m Nivedha Sriramji, a sophomore from Ohio! I like to play tennis both for my school and recreationally. I enjoy baking and reading in my spare time (brownies and ice cream are my favorite desserts).


6259E220-36FF-44A1-8FA8-105173B1C60E - Manusree More.jpeg
Manusree More
  • Instagram

Volunteer Co-ordinator

My name is Manusree More! I love reading, fashion and the Gilmore Girls. I play Field Hockey at High School South and am planning on going into medicine.

ED792C1F-D350-4C8E-8E59-522DCCE6392F - Ganna Abdin.jpeg
Ganna Abdin
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Volunteer Co-ordinator

I am Ganna. I am passionate about writing and I also love learning languages. I am hoping to teach myself videography and editing soon


IMG_7084_Original - Claire Zhu.jpg
Claire Zhu
  • Instagram

Instagram Coordinator

Hi, my name is Claire, I'm a student from New Jersey. I have a passion for STEM and I am currently tutoring young kids in both math and coding. In my free time, I like to read books and bake desserts.

1D1C70F7-2EAB-46A6-BA99-5B0FF37A03DE - Marieli Sayuri.jpeg
Marieli Sayuri Fraga
  • Instagram

Instagram Co-ordinator

My name is Marieli, I’m 17 years old. I like to read books, play with my dogs and discover new things about me and the world.

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